Maintaining an extremely high level of quality is at the core of our operations. This applies to all segments of our business. In 1994, we applied for a quality system certification pursuant to SFS-ISO 9002, which was updated into an SFS-ISO 9001 quality system in 2002.

Laboratory qualifications

We demonstrate our qualifications in the most demanding way possible: by taking part in international proficiency testing of metrology institutes. We have performed conductivity reference measurements with Danish Fundamental Metrology Ltd. (DFM), and pH reference measurements with the German institute Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). We also carry out routine reference measurements with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the USA, and for products supplies by the multinational company Radiometer Analytical Hach. All products analysed with accredited methods are directly NIST-traceable.

Spearheading global development

Chemical metrology is the foundation for the reliability of chemical measurements. In this sector, we are at the cutting edge of development globally, being the first ones to have applied in practice the latest metrological requirements in the field of chemistry.

Operating reliability and availability

Supply security refers to the delivery of an ordered product or service in accordance with the contract signed by the buyer and the seller:

  • At the agreed time
  • At the agreed place
  • By the agreed method of transportation
  • At the agreed price
  • With the agreed quality

For over 30 years, we have invested in the best possible supply security, which is a prerequisite for a high level of overall quality. We employ systematic means of supply security control. We monitor our supply security regularly, and it has stabilised at a level of 98 to 99%.

We store all products in Finland, meaning that our customers can get their products at the agreed time. We invest in supply security, understanding that the use of our products in many cases safeguards the continuity of production even in larger production facilities.

What is the right quality for you?

Laboratory and research chemicals are usually manufactured in a batch process. This is why there are always some batch-specific variations, regardless of the quality rating. The easiest way to ensure product quality is to ask for a batch-specific analysis certificate. We have product-specific requirements for all products impacting the analysis results of your laboratory, which they must meet before being approved for sale. The even quality of laboratory chemicals from one batch to another is especially important. A high-quality laboratory chemical is also the most affordable option.

Problems begin to emerge if the variations in the batches are large enough, for instance in terms of concentration or a certain impurity.

The value of products containing measurements is at least half of the gross domestic product in the industrialised world, which is dozens of billions of euros in Finland. It has been estimated that approximately 3 to 6% of GDP is used on measuring alone. Chemical measurements make up half of all measurements, so improving reliability is very important in terms of the economy.

A one-percent error in the metal concentration measurements of minerals or ores can cause a deviation worth tens of thousands of euros in a single sea shipment. The US Department of Health has calculated that a 3% measurement error in cholesterol measurements causes 5% of false positive and negative results. The treatments and unnecessary remeasurements started due to erroneous results cause additional costs worth 100 million dollars annually.