Production, starting with production planning and ending with verifying the product specification
requirements, takes place FULLY under computer control.

This ensures that:

  • Products are traceable in terms of raw materials, completed work stages, analysis equipment and tools, and the performers of the work
  • Products are analysed and approved according to the required analysis method, including all calculations relating to the processing of analysis results, if the product manufacturing process includes analysis
  • Products are packaged in their specified packages
  • Products are identified as belonging to a certain batch by manufacturing date or any other issued batch identifier
  • Sufficient amounts of products are in storage with sufficient remaining useful life after arriving at the customer
  • All batches of the manufactured product are of even quality

The laboratory facilities are equipped with standard air conditioning systems to minimise the impact of
environmental conditions on analysis results.

The analysis results of products analysed by accredited analysis methods are traceable to international
reference materials, such that the analysis result of hydrochloric acid 0.1 mol/l for example is traceable to the NIST standard reference material (SRM) 723. All products having undergone a pH analysis are likewise NIST-traceable.

In addition to chemical traceability, all physical measurements impacting the analysis result are traceable to national and/or international standards (e.g. weighing results to the international prototype of the kilogram in Paris), which are:

  • mass
  • temperature
  • atmospheric pressure
  • relative humidity of the air